What is Warehouse Management and What Can It Do for You?

In basic terms, warehouse management is a system that keeps track of the movement and storage of all of the goods that enter your warehouse. You must have an efficient system in place to track all of your inventory, as failure to do so could lead to certain items going missing and lost income along the way. Before you can fully answer of the question of what is warehouse management, however, you should be aware of everything that this system streamlines within your organization.

Inventory Levels
The first thing that warehouse management does is inform you when your inventory levels get to a certain point. When you are running low on a certain product, it usually means that the product has been selling well. Therefore, you will want to order more of this product before your inventory gets too low, ensuring that you don’t run out of stock.

Warehouse Space
Another aspect of warehouse management includes the amount of space that you use in your warehouse. Your system can generate rules on where to place each item, so that you do not waste any space in the building. This does not necessarily mean that you must store items in the same location either, as the system will track where every item has been stored. Your system will probably recommend that you place higher volume items closer to where pickups occur, since this allows you to move these items out much more efficiently. One answer to the question of ‘what is warehouse management’ is that it helps you maximize all of your space, which can greatly improve your overall productivity.

Reducing Delays
Working in a warehouse can be frustrating because there are often delays. These delays often occur because of warehouse operations, specifically when employees cannot locate a particular product. In other cases, there could be a mountain of paperwork to complete before you can complete a transaction, which also causes delays. Your warehouse management software, however, can reduce these delays by automating lists, reports, and tickets, so that you are not left having to write these out yourself. Remember that the faster you can get this paperwork completed, the more rapidly you will move inventory.

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