What Makes Handmade Embroidery Dresses So Special?

Handmade embroidery is often described as the art of painting, but with a needle and thread. This painstaking art form is creative and self-expressive. It dates back to prehistoric times as researchers have found needles in their excavations to suggest the same. In this era of mass production, a bit of embroidery can add style, grace, and charm to the simplest of dresses. The latest handmade embroidery dresses prove the same.

Know About Indian Hand Embroidery

In India, hand embroidery finds its inspiration in religion and nature, although the themes, styles, and colors vary across different regions and states. The base part usually comprises velvet, cotton, net, leather, or silk. Even though machine embroidery has become prominent today, people still love the rich and varied craft tradition of Indian hand embroidery. Even global customers appreciate this art form as they seek ‘bespoke’ products. Indian hand embroidery includes different styles that vary by region. You can find them applied to various clothing styles.

The Indian embroidery designs are created based on the texture of the fabric and the stitch. If you check out the latest handmade embroidery dresses, you can understand the same. Some of the renowned styles include Kathi from Gujarat, Kashida from Kashmir, Kantha from Bengal, Gota from Rajasthan, and Chamba Rumal from Himachal Pradesh.

Apart from these, some lesser-known yet equally stunning art forms include the ‘Mukaish’ from Uttar Pradesh and the ‘Phool-Patti’ from Aligarh. Then there is also the beautiful Parsi-style embroidery with its unique motifs that are embroidered on the ‘Garas’. Get the latest handmade embroidery dresses and flaunt these unique styles confidently.

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