What Tasks Do Roofing Contractors Undertake?

Roofing contractors install completely new roofs on buildings which are under construction, replace roofs in their entirely when they fail and repair roofs when they leak. There are a number of small contractors but conversely there are large companies that employee significant numbers of skilled tradesmen.

In the case of new construction, the house itself including the structural members of the roof is usually done by carpenters; the roofing contractor is responsible for installing the roof covering which may be asphalt shingles, wood shakes, slate, copper, etc. In most cases the choice of material has a great deal to do with the total value of the house and the area in which it is being built.

Once the home is completed and occupied, a well designed and installed roof will last for many years under normal circumstances. In the event there is a damaging storm or fire that affects the structure, roofing contractors in Highlands Ranch CO will be called in to make the repairs. Once the contractor has completely assessed the situation and observed the extent of the damage, a cost is calculated which includes the materials and all the labor required, plus a profit for the contractor. Normally more than one contractor is asked to offer a proposal.

After a number of years a roof will begin to naturally deteriorate, after all, the roof is always open to the elements and it will age. When this happens, the homeowner will usually call in a contractor who is well known for his expertise with the type of roof on the house. In some cases, there are contractors who focus on one type of roof, perhaps wood shakes or slate and they become well known in the community for their expertise with these materials.

With the focus on alternative power and the environment, a roofing contractor may branch out into offering the supply and installation of solar panels. Installing the panels are the responsibility of the roofers, the electrical installation is done by an electrical contractor who is often associated with the roofing contractor.

When a home is put up for sale, a potential buyer will often demand a certificate from the current owner as to the state of the roof on the house under consideration; this is often demanded by insurance companies. When a certificate is needed a roofing contractors can provide it.

If you need roof repair or a completely new roof you will be looking for roofing contractors in Highlands Ranch CO that have a long history of providing quality work at affordable rates. For all your roofing requirements you are invited to contact Advocate Construction.

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