What to Consider When Getting Partial Dentures in Salisbury, NC

Your teeth not only enhance your appearance, but they are also needed in order for you to eat and digest your food properly. When it comes to providing functionality, as well as aesthetic, partial dentures can help you regain both. However, before you make that dental appointment, there are a few things you should know.


If you are considering getting partial dentures in Salisbury, NC, you should know that although dentures resemble natural teeth, they are not maintained the same way. Whereas you would clean your natural teeth with normal toothpaste, not only can you not use regular toothpaste on dentures, but you must also take them out for cleanings. Typically, you would remove your dentures each night before you go to bed and clean them with the proper solution.


Because dentures are a foreign object, it can take you some time to get used to having them in your mouth. When it comes to eating with your dentures, you should begin by eating softer foods until you have gotten used to them more. As with other dental treatments, such as braces, you should avoid eating hard or very sticky foods as this can cause damage to your dentures.


The cost of dentures can vary significantly depending on how many teeth you actually have to supplement. However, among the many different types of dental replacement procedures on the market, partial dentures are usually the most affordable option.

When considering getting partial dentures in Salisbury, NC, take into account the number of teeth you are wanting to restore. Your specific dental needs will greatly determine the design of your partial, as well as, the cost.

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