What to Do Before Calling Roofing Services in Spring Branch, TX

The roof is a critical part of any structure, as it works to keep the elements out and the occupants of the structure safe and dry. However, a roof may develop a leak and need repairs. Before calling in the pros, investigate the problem. It may be a simple fix that the average person can carry out on his or her own, saving time and money in the process. In the event it isn’t. However, the roofing services professionals in Spring Branch, TX are always available to help.

Brick Chimneys

One area where leaks commonly appear is around the chimney. This is due to problems with the flashing installed in this area. While this flashing can be replaced, an emergency repair may be needed. To stop the problem in the short term, simply slide new flashing under the old damaged pieces. Doing so helps to move water away from the damaged areas to areas of the roof that aren’t in need of repair. Once this has been done, determine how to install new flashing or call a professional to take on this job instead.

Check for Shiners

People are often surprised to learn they truly don’t have a roof leak. Instead, the problem is with a nail that missed the framing member during the roof installation process. These are often easy to see at night, as any moisture from condensation builds up on this nail and frosts over. That’s why they are referred to as shiners, and this is where the water comes from. It’s actually the condensation melting when the air warms up. Use side-cutting pliers to clip the nail and the problem is solved.

Before contacting roofing services in Spring Branch, TX, check to see if the problem is minor such as those mentioned above. Doing so will save you money and ensure the roof is fixed in the shortest time possible. In the event, the leak cannot be found, or help is needed in making the necessary repairs, don’t hesitate to call on professionals. A home is an investment, and everything possible should be done to protect it. By taking simple steps, every homeowner can protect this investment and stay safe and dry at all times.

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