What to Expect From a Good Veterinary In Oahu

Finding a Veterinary In Oahu shouldn’t be too difficult, because there are various pet hospitals and clinics that service the area. When your pet gets sick or injured, you want to make sure he has access to the best care possible. Knowing what to expect of veterinarians in and around Oahu, might help ease your mind when it’s time to take your furry pal in for a checkup or procedure.

Knowledge and Experience

Quality pet hospitals in Oahu can be recognized by their American Animal Hospital Association accreditation. The Honolulu Pet Clinic, for instance, holds this accreditation. It shows that the facility meets strict regulations set forth by the AAHA. These regulations pertain to all aspects of quality pet care, such as team training, patient care, pain management, and medical record-keeping. Additionally, the training and experience of the veterinarian on duty increases credibility to the practice.

The Services

If you’re considering a pet hospital in Oahu, check whether it’s a full-service facility. A full-service facility is beneficial, because customers won’t have to bring their pets to other places to get a specific service; all services are available under one roof. This can include medical, surgical and dental care. Full-service facilities, such The Honolulu Pet Clinic, generally have state-of-the-art equipment and use the latest technologies. You might find an on-site pharmacy, a surgery suite, indoor boarding kennels, and an in-house lab.

Emergency Care

A good Oahu veterinarian should encourage regular checkups so early detection and treatment of a disease can quickly take place. He might also offer emergency services. Some Oahu facilities might allow emergency patients on a walk-in basis, while others provide customers with a phone number to an emergency answering service. Fortunately, many of the pet clinics and hospitals in Oahu are operating six days of the week.


Whether your pet needs vaccinations, neutering or spaying, boarding, or a flea-control treatment, a good, full-service Veterinary In Oahu should be able to provide these. Rather than just settling for any veterinarian, ask questions, look around, and do some research to find out whether your pet companion will be in the best hands possible.

The Honolulu Pet Clinic

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