What to Expect from Bartending School

Have you considered enrolling in Bartending School in Sacramento? If so, you are also likely wondering what this type of school will teach you, after all, bartending is just pouring drinks, right? The fact is that there is much, much more to being a great bartender and getting the best paying jobs.

When you attend bartending school, you will receive hands on training, behind an actual bar, providing you the confidence, as well as the skills, to begin your career. You will learn by doing, rather than sitting behind a desk reading about it. While each school is different, some of the specific things you are likely to learn at bartending school are explained here.

Equipment and Set Up

You will be taught how to set up a bar and use all of the common equipment that will be required for your job on a daily basis. This is an essential foundation for becoming a great bartender.


Attending bartending school will allow you to learn hundreds of different fancy drink recipes. There are some schools that will provide you with a manual to take along after you complete the course. Not only will you learn to make the drinks, you will learn the principles that lead to great mixed drinks, which is referred to as mixology.

Speed Techniques

If you decide to work at a busy bar, you will have to be able to make great drinks, quickly, in order to keep customers happy. Once you have mastered setting up the bar and how to use the equipment, you can begin learning some speed techniques that will help you save time behind the bar.

Garnishes and Fruit Cutting Skills

Making high-end cocktails means adding the little, finishing touches – mainly the fruit. You will learn the proper way to cut fruit to make the drink look as good as it tastes.

Liquor, Wine and Beer

You will learn all about the different types of liquor you will work with, learn how to acquire beer from a keg or tap and have a basic overview of wines. This is all invaluable information when you are actually serving drinks behind the bar.

Job Placement Services

The majority of bartending schools will offer some type of job placement assistance once you complete the course. This assistance can include helpful interview tips, helping you to actually find openings and helping you with recommendations when you get an interview.

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