What to Expect From Dental Implants

After making the decision to get Dental Implants, the patient went through the series of dental visits necessary to prepare the gums and be fitted for the right implants and caps. Now that the work is all done, it is time to begin looking toward the future. Here are some examples of what the patient can reasonably expect from those implants.

A Beautiful Smile

The nice thing about implants is that they look and function just like real teeth. The caps are constructed so they are in proportion and fit properly. In terms of the shade of the caps and they way they look, no one will know the implants are in place unless the patient chooses to share that knowledge. Thanks to the quality of the work, it is much easier to relax, smile, and laugh when in social situations.

Minor Changes to the Dental Regimen

Even though natural teeth are a thing of the past, the need for a reasonable dental hygiene regiment still exists. This will mean some tweaking to the regimen the patient followed in years past. The dentist will recommend the type of brush that can be used with the Dental Implants and also what sort of toothpaste products work best. When it comes to flossing, the dentist is likely to either recommend avoiding this part of the regimen altogether or being extremely careful with how it is conducted.


One of the reasons people choose implants over denture plates is that they will last longer. The implants help to maintain the natural contours of the jaw, while dentures do not. This means that as the jawline changes shape, new dentures are needed. With implants, the jawline remains constant, and the most the patient can expect to replace for many years is a damaged cap.

For anyone wondering if implants are worth the additional effort and cost, the fact is many people would answer yes. Before making a final decision, talk with a dental professional and determine if this particular solution is the best approach. After hearing more about the pros and the cons of implants and dentures, it will be easier to make an informed decision.

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