What to Expect from Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Ask Questions in Illinois

With the legalization of medical marijuana in Illinois, many dispensaries are open or about to do so. Medical marijuana patients look for dispensaries that are staffed by knowledgeable people and carry the product or strain that they want.

Although medical marijuana dispensaries are legal in Illinois, it can be intimidating for the uninitiated to enter one and know how to conduct themselves and which questions to ask.

Before your first visit, it is in your best interest to be prepared. So, do a little research on that which you might want to buy. The attendants are happy to help, but your initial visit will be smoother and more enjoyable if you check the varieties they carry in advance.

Expect to Be Asked for ID

Regardless of your age, expect to be asked for your state-issued medical marijuana identification card. Without this card, do not expect to be served.

Be Prepared

Search for the website of dispensaries in your immediate area. Not all dispensaries are the same; they range in selection and caliber. If there is more than one branch, check the dispensary menus by location.

Any advance preparation that you can do makes it easier when it comes time for you to place your order.

Ask Questions

Although you may have done considerable research in advance, do not hesitate to ask dispensary employees any questions that you have. Ask them for information on various strains that they feel may be best suited for your specific needs.

Don’t Feel as If You Are under Any Pressure

If you are not comfortable or not sure about your purchase, you are under no obligation to buy. In Illinois, dispensaries are not allowed to accept medical marijuana products back as returns. Once you have bought the product, it is yours. Do not hesitate to let dispensary personnel know what you want. Do not be afraid to say no thank-you if they suggest a strain or product you are not interested in.

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