What to Expect When Getting a Hearing Test

There are a few different steps involved when you go in for an appointment for a hearing test. While the most important of the steps is determining your hearing level, there are other things that will help your audiologist understand your health and needs. You can expect customized services that ensure the best services are provided. If you’ve already made an appointment with an experienced audiologist, this article will give you insight into what might happen at the appointment.

Intake & Assessment

The medical professionals working with you need to understand your lifestyle and priorities in order to offer the best possible care to you. Some people spend a lot of time outdoors and prioritize those situations. Others like to go out to noisy restaurants or concerts. You’ll likely be asked if you watch television, work, and what other things make up the average day for you.

By answering these questions, your audiologist will be better able to hone in on what matters to you. From there, you can have a conversation that gets more detailed and ensures the best results for you. This is a simple process that likely will not take up a large amount of the appointment.

Hearing & General Health History

While you may not think that other health issues impact your hearing, sometimes they do. Everything from your level of health to the medications you take on a regular basis can affect your hearing. In fact, a few common problems are linked to hearing loss. They include kidney disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. As such, your audiologist needs to know about your health.

They will also want to know more about your hearing in general. You can expect questions about hearing loss in your family, whether your ears ring, if you have ear pain, and whether you have trouble following conversations in certain situations. You’ll also give the professional a list of the medications that you take.

The Hearing Test

After this, the test will begin. All this involves is listening to a number of different sounds to determine how well you hear them. Your doctor will guide you thought word discrimination testing, bone and air conduction testing, and a visual examination of your ear. Following the tests, your results will be provided to you and any additional treatment will be considered.

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