What to look for when you buy crutches online

Whether you are healing from a broken leg or you use crutches on a permanent basis, you can buy crutches online that will serve your needs without breaking the bank. Here are some features to look for to make sure that you get the most comfortable product possible:

  • Padding: Padding is important regardless of which type of crutch you choose. Auxiliary crutches, also called underarm crutches, are among the most popular, and are best suited for those who are only going to need them for a short length of time (broken leg, foot, etc.) Make sure these are well padded both at the top and at the arm grip to prevent hand and underarm soreness.
  • Hand grips: As mentioned, the hand grips should be padded, but they should also be ergonomically designed to fit your hand easily. You don’t want added strain on your arm or hand from clutching all day long.
  • Sturdy construction: You don’t want your crutches to buckle under you or break due to inferior materials. Make sure they are made from quality wood, steel, aluminum or carbon fiber.
  • Crutch tips: The bottoms of most crutches are designed with a rubber tip for a non-slip feature. Larger tips will have a wider stability factor, helping you balance and distribute your weight better.
  • Reasonable price: When you research the choices online for a set of crutches, you don’t have to choose the most expensive pair on the market; but neither should you rush to buy the most inexpensive pair. Make sure you are selecting the right quality for the right price, which is typically somewhere in between the highest and the lowest price.

Recovering from an injury
It’s important to use your crutches as directed by your health care provider and follow all instructions carefully, to ensure a speedy and full recovery.

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