What You Need to Know About Doctors on Call in New York

True of false: Doctors no longer make house calls. False! In fact, there are a number of doctors who make house calls to treat sick patients conveniently to help them avoid crowded doctors’ offices, long wait times and pricey ER trips. These doctors are highly-trained and experienced and can treat you just as well at your home or place of business, similar to if you went into a medical setting. Since many New York residents aren’t used to doctors on call in New York, there are some important things you should understand before choosing a concierge medical provider.

Where You Can Be Treated

On-call doctors will not only come to your home, but can visit your hotel room, your workplace, a loved one’s home or other locations for convenient treatment. The whole point of a concierge doctor is to treat you where you are comfortable so you don’t have to venture out while you’re sick. Choose where you want your doctor to visit and they will treat you as soon as possible to get you back on your feet.

How You Will be Treated

Just like a normal doctor’s visit, your on-call doctor will come to your location with the proper diagnostic tools and equipment to thoroughly investigate your ailment. Your medical provider will spend an appropriate amount of time to learn about your symptoms, observe you and your condition and use the proper tools to come up with a diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is established, your doctor treats you to fully resolve your health issues and can prescribe medication as needed. Your doctor can also provide you with a treatment plan to keep you on the right course.

Additionally, most on-call providers should provide extensive diagnostic examinations, comprehensive medical histories, prescription renewals, order lab tests and x-rays and more.

Treated Conditions

One of the best things about on-call doctors is they can treat a wide variety of illnesses just like your primary care provider. These doctors can treat things like the flu and its symptoms, fevers, colds, pneumonia, bronchitis, eye infections, sore throats, migraines, various GI problems, skin issues and much more.

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