What Your Child Will Learn While Attending Preschool

The first years your child is in school are filled with exciting moments. This is a time when there is a massive amount of emotional, social, physical, and intellectual development going on. While it might seem like preschool is just fun and games, your child is learning many important things that will serve them now and in the future. We’ll go over the typical preschool curriculum in Marlboro, NJ, and what you can expect your child to learn.

Sounds and Letters

You can expect your child to learn to name and recognize all of the uppercase letters, along with many of the lowercase letters. Your child will also learn to recognize their name and write it on their own. You can also expect preschool children to make connections between sounds and letters and understand some of the sounds associated with certain letters.

Counting and Numbers

Your child’s preschool teacher will help your child learn to identify and count from one to ten. Children will first learn what each number looks like but will progress to understanding how to count. When they move into more advanced lessons, they will also begin to understand how numbers relate to objects.

Shapes and Colors

A preschool curriculum will also include learning the names of many basic colors. Your child will also be taught what some shapes are. In addition, they will be taught what their body parts are called. This is an area where parents can have a lot of fun helping their child learn. You can have them point out objects of a certain color or shape. Make up a game where the child shows you where body parts are located.

Sharing and Socializing

Your child will need to learn social skills before kindergarten and preschool have a huge focus on this. The children will learn how to follow directions, communicate needs, work together, take turns, and share. This gives the child the skills needed to flourish when in a kindergarten classroom.

Preschool Matters

In addition to the skills mentioned above, your child will also learn how to use crayons and scissors, which can help with hand-eye coordination. If you are looking for a fantastic school for your little one, consider TCLA Preschool & Enrichment Center in Marlboro, NJ. We offer programs for preschoolers of all ages and would be happy to help in your child’s learning journey. If you’d like to learn more, you can visit us at www.TCLACenter.com.

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