What’s Best; Engineered Wood Or Real Hardwood Floors?

For homeowners that are considering a wood floor the most common question that they would ask a contractor is what flooring is best; real hardwood floors in San Antonio or engineered wood floors? First, it is important to understand what the real differences are:

   * Real solid wood flooring: It is exactly what the name implies, it is solid wood. Hardwood floors are available in a wide variety of different specs from traditional oak through to exotic woods such as Brazilian mahogany and teak.

   * Engineered wood flooring: This is a product that is constructed of several layers or ply’s, all bonded together. The top layer is real wood which to the eye looks no different than the real thing.

When would you use one over the other?

Uncertainties about the sub flooring: If you are considering real hardwood floors in San Antonio you must give attention to the moisture level of the sub floor. Real wood will potentially warp, expand and contract when the moisture level of the sub floor goes as high as three percent maximum. If the moisture content is even close to this it is best to install engineered wood flooring as it is dimensional more stable and not affected to the same degree by moisture.

The room the flooring is going in: If the new flooring is destined for installation in a bathroom or kitchen, engineered wood is really the only logical choice. If, on the other hand the floor is destined for installation in bedrooms, the living room or den and the sub flooring is acceptable then real hardwood can be used. As long as the room is not damp and the temperature fluctuations are minima then real wood is an ideal choice.

Your budget: There is little in it here, real hardwood floors in san Antonio and engineered wood floors are priced almost the same, your decision should be made on the practicalities such as moisture, room and foot traffic.

Nothing quite beats the look of hardwood floors in San Antonio. If you are considering wood floors, either real or engineered, you are invited to discuss the details with Shaw Company Remodeling.

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