When Do You Know That You Need a Furnace Repair in Moncks Corner SC?

There is nothing worse than coming home to a house that has a broken heating system, especially during cold winter days. Besides, a faulty furnace may produce deadly carbon monoxide due to incomplete combustion. Various factors can cause your heating system to break down, necessitating a furnace repair in Moncks Corner SC. A faulty furnace is likely to raise energy bills in addition to reducing the comfort of your home. Below are signs to look for to determine whether you need a furnace repair.

Signs of a faulty furnace

1. A faulty furnace may only blow either cold or warm air. This is usually attributable to pilot light or ignition problems. If you suspect that a faulty pilot light or malfunctioning ignition is the cause of your heating problem, it is advisable to contact an experienced technician rather than relighting the pilot light yourself.

2. Overheating and reduced efficiency are also signs to look out for. These are usually attributable to unit filters problems that may become clogged with dirt, which restricts airflow. Dirty filters may also cause soot buildup, which may result into reduced efficiency.

3. Heating problems, manifested in either overheating or no heat at all may be as a result of thermostat problems. A furnace thermostat is arguably the most important device in a home heating system since it determines the amount of heat that the furnace will produce.

4. Escalated electricity or gas bills could also be a sign that your heating system has a problem. High bills are often caused by reduced furnace efficiency. A faulty furnace will usually run longer to provide the same amount of heat resulting into escalated power bills.

5. Strange noises are also an indication of a faulty furnace. Banging, rattling, popping and squealing noises could be a fair warning that you need to have your heating system checked.

If you are experiencing problems with your heating system, it is important to contact a service professional who will be in a better position to diagnose and correct the problem. To access affordable furnace installation, repair and replacement services in Moncks Corner, SC & the surrounding areas. Contact Smoak’s Comfort Control to schedule an appointment.

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