When Doctors Make Serious Mistakes, a Medical Misdiagnosis Attorney in New London CT Can Help

Many personal injury lawyers do not take on medical malpractice cases because of the complexities and time requirements. Someone who was seriously harmed by a misdiagnosis may need legal representation to deal with the intimidating insurance corporation and medical facilities that want to avoid bad publicity and an expensive settlement. A Medical Misdiagnosis Attorney in New London CT provides this service for clients.

Examples of Misdiagnosis

Some diseases are misdiagnosed more than others. A patient may be told that he or she has a certain disease when this is not the case. This sometimes happens when tests indicate a patient has cancer, but this is a misdiagnosis, for example. If the error is caught quickly, there is no legal malpractice. However, if the patient begins debilitating treatments, a case can be made for malpractice with the assistance of a lawyer like Stephen M. Reck.

In some scenarios, doctors do not diagnose an existing condition that then worsens and becomes life-threatening or causes future disability. A person who comes to an urgent care clinic feeling faint and dizzy may be experiencing a stroke or a seizure. A practitioner who does not recognize this may do serious harm to this patient.

A Related Issue

In other instances, a doctor does not inform a patient of a possible connection between one health problem and another, when this is relatively common. Patients who do not want to have their gallbladder removed when stones develop must be informed of the greater risk of liver cancer for people with chronic gallstone problems. If they are not informed of this and they develop liver cancer, they have a good case for malpractice.

A Complicated Endeavor

Just learning who is legally responsible for the situation can be a complicated endeavor. A doctor may have misdiagnosed a patient at a hospital, but that doctor may not be an employee of the hospital. The hospital’s representatives will say they are not liable, but the doctor’s malpractice insurer may find a reason to blame the hospital. A Medical Misdiagnosis Attorney in New London, CT is the one who can sort out the entanglements in this kind of situation. Browse the website to learn about one particular malpractice lawyer.

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