When It Matters, Trust Matera For Your Commercial Janitorial Supplies in Houston TX

Whether you own a commercial janitorial service or need cleaning supplies for your business, the quality and price of your supplies matter. At Website you will find everything from paper products and cleaning chemicals to packaging and safety equipment. Whatever your need, they are sure to have it in their line of over 3500 cleaning products. On their website they offer tutorial training videos on topics such as how to clean restrooms, finished floor care and how to clean a health care facility. If you are looking into greener options for your company, they can assist you with certified green products and additional training videos on how to clean greener. They are your one stop shop for all of your Commercial Janitorial Supplies in Houston TX.

Since 1957 Matera has been helping to make Houston, Texas cleaner one business at a time with their quaility products and service. When a company has been around as long as they have, you can believe the know the cleaning business better than most. They work closely with manufacturing companies, always looking for better products to offer their clients. They give feedback directly to the manufacturer for product improvements. Staying informed regarding new product lines, safer techniques and greener cleaning products, they are continually evaluating and improving their product line.

It is one thing to sell thousands of products, it is a giant step above and beyond the standard to offer free tutorial videos to your customers. In 11 different categories, there are over 30 tutorials in both English and Spanish. For instance, there is a 3 minute video comparing backpack vacuum cleaners and upright vacuums; and a 35 minute tutorial on finished floor care. They also demonstrate new methods, such as going green. Training new crew members can be time consuming, inconsistent and expensive. These tutorials make sure your employees get the same thorough information, preparing them to be the best crew members possible.

If you use Commercial Janitorial Supplies in Houston TX you can find everything you need at Matera. Because they have been in business for over 55 years, you can trust their recommendations, products and quality service. With a fleet of delivery trucks and a shipping department, they can fill your order quickly, making sure you have the supplies you need, when you need them. When it matters trust Matera.

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