When Should You Think About Couples Counseling in Newport Beach, CA?

by | May 16, 2024 | Health & Fitness

The Showtime series ‘Couples Therapy’ recently announced a new season starting in May 2024, with critics praising the advanced episodes. “Couples Therapy” is a docuseries that delivers a fly-on-the-wall perspective for viewers to witness real couples going through counseling sessions, which are structured in an informative manner.

For many people who didn’t know about couples counseling in Newport Beach, CA, “Couples Therapy” was the eye-opener they needed to seek counseling for themselves. Some episodes address questions from people whose relationships are troubled; for example, how can problems be solved so that partners rediscover their love? If a couple faces issues and wants to reconnect, a specialist counselor can help them regain the spark that initially brought them together.

Couples therapy strengthens marriages, unions, and relationships by helping partners identify and resolve specific conflicts. To gauge if you can benefit from couples counseling, consider the conflicts that threaten to drive you apart; how would you like these issues to be resolved? Why can’t your partner understand what is happening to you and the relationship? Often, inadequate communication gets in the way; in other cases, couples fail to use effective problem-solving skills because emotions interfere.

Want to learn more about how couples counseling in Newport Beach, CA, can help you save a deserving relationship? Contact Dr. Jeanne Michele for more information.

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