When You Need a Probate Lawyer in Beaver Dam WI

Probate lawyers handle the distribution of property and paying of debts after a person dies. While a probate lawyer can be hired by your survivors after you die, the best time to retain the services of a probate lawyer is while you are alive. A probate lawyer is skilled in estate planning and can help you write your will clearly and concisely so that your family members are less likely to dispute the division of your assets. In addition to helping you create a last will and testament, a probate lawyer in Beaver Dam WI may help you set up a trust so you can have control over how your assets are handled. There are several different types of trusts. Some are designed to avoid taxes while others stipulate conditions for transfer of property, money or other assets to heirs.


By hiring a probate lawyer in Beaver Dam WI while you are alive, you can save your family the trouble of finding an attorney to handle your estate. The lawyer who helps your plan your estate will already be familiar with your situation so your family will not have to struggle to find all of your financial documents. If you have complicated assets such as a business or investment property, be sure to talk to your lawyer and your family about how you want them handled after you die. Some assets take a long time to sell so your family should be prepared to wait a year or more for their inheritance if they do not want to retain your assets.

After you die, your lawyer will be prepared to handle the probate process. He or she can assist your loved ones and take over all of the stressful aspects of settling an estate. Your lawyer will pay any outstanding bills and taxes, handle the sale of any property that will not stay within the family and disburse the remainder of your estate according to the instructions you provided in your will. To learn more about how hiring a probate lawyer can make it easier for your family when you die, talk to an experienced attorney today.

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