Why a Spa Offers the Best Pet Care Services in Round Lake IL

When your dog or cat needs grooming, you can take them to a standard grooming business, but if you want them to have a stress-free, enjoyable experience, you might want to consider using pet pamperers, such as Shag Bark Pet Retreat and Spa. In addition to offering the usual grooming and Pet Care Services in Round Lake IL spa experts can offer advantages that include:

     *     DAYCARE: When dogs are left home, they can become bored, which may lead to destructive behavior. However, the daycare program offered at a pet retreat provides activities designed to keep your pet engaged, healthy, and happy. Dogs play with other dogs, and training is incorporated into their activities.

     *    LODGING: When they are lodged at a pet spa, cats and dogs both enjoy facilities designed just for them . Specialists ensure that animals get healthy food, and are provided with schedules suited to their needs. Dog owners can choose activity schedules that include one-on-one and group play times, and turn-down service, in addition to the usual bathroom and meal breaks. Nature walks, family visits, and cuddle time can also be arranged.

     *    GROOMING: You may arrange grooming sessions individually, or as part of daycare or boarding. Experts offer services that pamper and relax your pet. These include paw-icure’s, nail painting, teeth brushing, and breath fresheners, as well as coat trimming, de-matting, and deep conditioning. Professionals will provide aromatherapy and relaxing massage as well.

     *    DOG TRAINING: A pet spa and retreat offers one-on-one and group dog training options. Trainers will consult with you, evaluate your pet, and work to help you acheive your training goals. They use positive reinforcement methods to teach everything from basic manners to socialization and behavior modification. Programs can be tailored to suit your needs, as well as your pet’s. Trainers will help you to maintain your dog’s behavior, by teaching you benevolent leadership and training techniques that can be used at home.

If you use a pet spa for your dog or cat’s grooming needs, you are assured that your pet will be pampered, as they receive quality care. In addition, you can use the same facility when you need daycare or boarding facilities for your animal. A pet retreat provides a variety of pet-friendly services designed to keep your cat or dog relaxed and happy while they are away from home.


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