Why Choose Custom Ape Hangers

When it comes to replacing your bike’s handlebars, you have two options. One is to select a set of bars offered by the manufacturer, which will allow you to have some limited amount of choice as to the replacements.

The other option is to order custom ape hangers that allow you to choose the style and then add your own touches for a set of handlebars that really do make a statement. However, before getting too carried away with just style, there are some other reasons to consider custom handlebars over stock bars.

Ordered To Your Size

Stock handlebars are designed to fit the average height of rider, which means these bikes are based on a male with an average height and average arm length. Many people are not of an average height and arm length, so custom handlebars are a must.

By choosing custom ape hangers, each individual can find a style, height, and overall design of the bike that offers them comfort on short or long rides. Of course, it will be important to consider your height and arm length when making a choice. A shorter rider with shorter arms is not a good match for an 18 inch set of custom ape hangers, but a tall individual with long arms is often more comfortable with the taller set.

Finishing Options

Most of the standard or stock handlebars are going to come in a polished chrome finish. This is a classic look and one that looks great on a number of bikes, but it may not be the look you want.

By choosing to go with custom made ape hangers, at least from some custom shops, you will be able to choose your finish. Polished chrome, black powder coat, or level unfinished, it will all be up to you.

With a custom made set of handlebars, you can expect a long lasting addition to your bike. These custom manufacturers stand behind their products, so make sure you consider the company reputation before placing the order.

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