Why Get a Carrier Furnace?

When people think of the brand, Carrier, they often think of air conditioning. This is understandable, since air conditioning was actually invented by Willis Carrier in 1902. What a lot of people don’t realize is that a Carrier furnace is also a fine piece of equipment. Carrier makes several different types of gas and oil furnaces for home and commercial use, and they are tremendously well-respected in the industry.

Carrier’s Advantages
Carrier obviously has the advantage of experience, having been in the business for over a century. Carrier’s website lists some of its core values, including quality, service excellence, high ethical standards and technological innovation. They also have the advantage of offering a wide variety of heating and cooling products.

Carrier Home Furnaces
Carrier currently offers four distinct lines of furnace. The Standard series is a relatively “no frills” offering from Carrier, but it still has the quality, dependability and efficiency you would expect from a Carrier furnace. The Comfort series is next, providing a bit more efficiency while still keeping the price relatively low. The next level up is the Performance series, which features even greater efficiency (including models with Energy Star qualification) and very quiet operation. The cabinet also looks nicer and there are models available with multi-speed blower technology and compatibility with a Hybrid Heat System. The Infinity series is the best that Carrier has to offer. Infinity models can feature energy-saving Greenspeed Intelligence, variable-speed blower technology, two-stage gas valves and other features to improve comfort and efficiency. They can also be equipped with Comfort Fan technology to move air efficiently and quietly.

Carrier Commercial Heating
Carrier is well known as one of the leaders in commercial air-conditioning, but furnaces are not really used as much in commercial applications. What most companies use is a boiler with an air handler, so instead of having a Carrier furnace, they would have a Carrier air handler coupled with a boiler instead. Carrier offers two basic line lines of boilers, the Comfort line and the quieter, more efficient Performance line. Carrier makes a few different air handlers, with airflow capacities that range from 400 cfm all the way up to 300,000 cfm. Some models are made for easy assembly and disassembly to fit into tight spaces and others are custom-built for larger applications.

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