Why It’s Crucial to hire A Professional For Area Rug Cleaning In Manhattan

Rugs have been a staple decorative element in homes for hundreds of years, and though some are now produced in large-scale facilities, many companies still rely on manual labor to meticulously create these beautiful pieces. Though rugs are designed to provide years of use, they will likely become dirty over time and require cleaning to retain their luster and vibrancy. Attempting to perform area rug cleaning in Manhattan without the proper knowledge may lead to disaster and irreparable damage.

Cleaning Products

Using a powerful detergent to clean a rug may have long-term effects, as the dyes used to create the various color variations are usually plant-based and do not stand up to harsh chemicals. A professional will use high powered air to remove large debris and then wash the rug using a specially formulated shampoo that is color safe. The result is a piece that is beautiful and clean without the anxiety of wondering if a cleaning agent will damage the delicate fibers and colors.

Drying Process

Another major problem with poor cleaning techniques is that it won’t allow the rug to thoroughly dry, which may cause the fibers to rot or become a haven for mold and mildew. A company that offers area rug cleaning in Manhattan will use powerful suction equipment to remove as much as 98 percent of all moisture and then will allow the rug to dry in a climate and humidity controlled environment.

Repair Techniques

During the cleaning process signs of wear and tear may be present, and failing to repair them may cause the rug to unravel and render it useless. A professional will thoroughly inspect a carpet and make suggestions on the various repairs that should be conducted to prevent further degradation due to the cleaning process. Repairing a rug isn’t easy, but a trained technician will have access to the tools to make seamless repairs.

If the rugs in a home are dirty and in need of cleaning, be sure to contact a professional. The Golden Horn is a leading provider of restoration services, and they have more than 100 years of experience working on rugs of all makes and sizes. Contact us today to learn more and to arrange for pickup of any carpets that need to be cleaned or repaired.

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