Why Legal Counsel is Important When You Are Seeking Veteran’s Disability Benefits

Veterans who are disabled deserve to receive disability benefits. Unfortunately, applications are often rejected and the applicants have no idea why they were not approved. One of the best ways to avoid delays and ensure everything is in order is to seek help from a VA disability attorney. Here is what your legal counsel can to do help.

Help You Understand How the Process Works

For someone who has never sought benefits before, the process can be frustrating. What seems to be straightforward at first glance can turn into a confusing situation. One of the ways your legal counsel can help is by making it possible to understand what it takes to apply for disability benefits. Once you have a better idea of how the process works and what you can expect, seeking benefits will seem a little easier.

Help You Prepare the Claim

Since so many applications are rejected the first time, it makes sense to seek help from a VA disability attorney before you submit that initial claim for benefits. The attorney will help you ensure every question is answered correctly and in full. The attorney can also proofread the completed form and determine if there is anything that needs additional detail. These safeguards increase the chances of being approved the first time.

Challenge Rejections If They Happen

If your claim is still denied, don’t despair. Your VA disability attorney knows how to request a hearing and will be prepared to make your case before a review board. If you are not physically able to be present, that’s fine. Your legal counsel can represent you even if you are not there. In many cases, going before the review board and responding in person to any questions the board members have is enough to result in an approval. You may even receive back benefits that go back to the date of your original claim.

Before you seek to file a claim for veteran disability benefits, call the team at Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices or visit us at https://www.veteransbenefits.com/ to arrange a consultation. You will receive help in determining your eligibility and support in seeking the benefits you deserve.

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