Why Northern Virginia Vienyards Are Booming

There are several reasons why Northern Virginia vineyards are booming with visitors making their way to these properties for tastings, tours, and events. Around the U.S., the amount of wine being drunk each year is growing as the traditional regions of the world for wine production are being joined by new regions such as Northern Virginia. Travel is also easier than ever before with flights into Washington D.C. and other areas of Virginia making this the perfect place to visit for wine lovers of all ages.

Northern Virginia vineyards sit-in an expansive area of wine country

The wine country of Northern Virginia sits around one hour from the capital of the U.S., Washington D.C. The recent rise in wine tourism is driving millions of people onto the road to explore different areas of the U.S. where wine grapes are grown. Taking the many different types of tours available is one reason why the movement towards a new way of touring Virginia is being enjoyed. Northern Virginia is home to a number of vineyards but is also like taking a trip back in time with many historic sites littering the area around the impressive vineyards.

A moderate climate helps with wine production

The wines of Northern Virginia are some of the most respected in the U.S. with the perfect climate allowing the development of different wines. Tours and tastings can be found at most Northern Virginia vineyards where the addition of many chefs and food tastings expertly paired with the available wines adds to the impressive nature of tours.

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