Why Proper Advanced Driver Assisted Systems Calibration Is Critcal

Advanced Driver Assisted Systems are made and installed on vehicles to help make driving safer by helping adjust for human error. It’s a sensitive system that requires routine calibration to ensure it is working as designed.

What ADAS Does

Advanced Driver Assisted Systems are software that works to help reduce human error in basic driving skills that lead to accidents. It works in conjunction with cameras and your vehicle computer to optimize the driving experience. You need the Advanced Driving solutions Ponte Vedra drivers need to stay operating safely. All aspects of the camera alignment need to be made to OEM specifications.

Why Malfunctions and Camera Misalignments Can Cause Injuries or Fatalities

Accurate calibration must be done to the ADAS in order to ensure that the adjustments made by the system are accurate. Small discrepancies can lead to a major accident by the system correcting too much or too little. It can leave you in worse shape than not having the system at all. Calibration of the cameras by static or dynamic methods must be done periodically to keep the alignment of the system correct and safe.

How Liability Can Hurt Your Business

If you don’t provide the right Advanced Driving Solutions Ponte Vedra drivers need to safely operate on the road, you can find that liability falls back on any auto service that has been charged with calibrating the system. Injuries and deaths caused by accidents due to a faulty and out of alignment ADAS can track right back to your doorstep. You need to have the calibration service available that will do all alignments properly.

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