Why Puppy Training Classes in Chicago Are So Valuable for Teaching Obedience

Sometimes owners of a young dog become very frustrated after a month or so of little success in training their dog to obey commands consistently. After registering for Puppy Training Classes in Chicago and attending some sessions, they begin to realize they got off to a bad start.

Perhaps they punished the dog for not obeying, leading the animal to become too nervous to learn effectively. Maybe they were inconsistent in the training sessions, sometimes allowing the puppy to have a treat when it didn’t actually obey the command.
Anxiety Reduction

At Puppy Training Classes in Chicago, the dogs learn to trust the trainers and to lose any anxiety they had about the learning process. Owners can inadvertently express frustration and even anger when the dog seems stubborn, but they must understand that the puppy is simply having trouble with certain concepts.

Puppies are eager to please and are not intentionally being defiant if they won’t sit or lie down on command. By watching the trainers, the dog owners learn how to keep their emotions in check and rebuild a positive relationship with their canine companion.

Understanding Canine Sensitivity

Other issues may come up when owners try to train a puppy. For instance, they may have wanted the dog to “shake hands,” an action that many people think is cute. However, it’s common for dogs not to like having their paws touched.

A dog that is anxious about this may whine or even growl when someone attempts to take hold of a paw. Professional trainers can provide insight on what the animal is trying to communicate and discuss when it’s best to give up on commands that have no functional value.

Taming the Out-of-Control Dog

At a center such as Chicago Canine Academy, dogs learn to follow the lead of their owners and other humans they are supposed to obey. Even a puppy that seems completely out of control becomes obedient without losing any of its happy exuberance. The dog can now run around the house and play while also being willing to obey commands to come, sit, stay and perform other important actions. Browse our website today.

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