Why Use Anodizing Services In Georgia

If you are producing parts, components or devices in Georgia, it makes sense to work with other companies in the state for all the outsourced services you require. This makes sense as it cuts down on the cost of logistics, helps to reduce the time and also allows more direct communication between your business and the specialized company.

One such specialization for parts and components OEMs in a variety of industries is the need for anodizing services in Georgia. This is not a new process, it has been in use since 1923, but it has evolved to provide quality and variations that make it highly suitable for the electrolytic passivation of the surface of metals.

The Advantages

Most anodizing services are performed on aluminum as a fast way to build up the natural layer of protective coating on the surface. It is also used to be able to then further treat the aluminum with dye. The same process can also be used with some of the other metals and alloys including titanium and zinc as well as some of the less common metals used in parts and components.

For other aluminum components and parts, the anodize services are beneficial to increased ease of lubrication. This is important for use in medical devices and implants. It can also be applied to implants to enhance the ability of adhesion, or creating better contact and hold between dissimilar surfaces.

How it Works

Anodizing works by passing the direct current through a solution that is made up of various electrolytes. The cathode releases hydrogen and the anode (the aluminum) releases oxygen, which increases the presence of aluminum oxide.

The acid in the solution then breaks down the aluminum oxide, which in turn provides a very thin film over the surface. This continues to grow thicker and at a faster rate than would occur if simply exposed to the air.

With the right company providing anodizing surfaces, your Georgia business can set tight tolerances for the process, providing a uniform surface on all parts.

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