Why You May Need a Lawyer Who Practices in Disability and Social Security in Arlington, TX

When dealing with any government process, having professional help to assist you along the way can be the difference between succeeding and failing. Having a lawyer who works in the field of Disability and Social Security in Arlington, TX, can protect you and your family from making serious errors that could harm any chance you have of approval. If you’re recently disabled and can no longer work, it’s critical that you speak with a lawyer to pursue a claim as soon as possible. Claims can range from Social Security income based on disability to Social Security disability.

Your attorney will plead with you to start the process as quickly as possible because the time frame of completing a claim could take months, or worse, years. Only about 25 to 30% of first-time applicants will have their claims approved. This is why it is vital that you do everything by the book and to the letter, according to your attorney’s instructions. A knowledgeable lawyer will assist you in avoiding the hardships that are created when you file too late. Many claimants will unknowingly experience difficulties because they couldn’t adapt to the massive time frames involved. A disability lawyer will ensure that you file as early as possible.


If you or a loved one has a mental condition or physical illness that will prevent you from going back to work for a year or more, or may even result in death, there is a very good chance that Social Security benefits are in your best interest. Having someone who knows Disability and Social Security in Arlington, TX will increase the likelihood of presenting a strong case. If you do not follow through with this, filling out your application may be futile. You may meet every requirement the government has for disability benefits; however, you could be rejected because of not filing properly.

Searching for the right disability lawyer may seem like a huge hassle. Although, with the proper amount of background work and a little time-consuming elbow grease, you can find an attorney who understands what it will take to win your Social Security Disability case. The truth is, if you are applying for benefits, chances are you have enough on your plate. Your lawyer will do everything they can to advise and guide you along the way, so you can focus on you and your family.

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