Why You Should Hire a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in San Jose CA

There are times when debt can grow and become overwhelming. When this happens, it is possible to use the law to get some sort of debt relief by filing for bankruptcy. However, even though filing seems like an easy way out of a financial crisis, it also comes with a set of legal ramifications and implications. This is the reason you should get the advice of an attorney before starting the process. Here are some of the reasons you will find it necessary to hire a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in San Jose CA.

They will guide you through the filing process

To have your case heard, you have to file a petition with the federal courts. There are certain requirements that you have to fulfill for your petition to qualify. Here are a few of those requirements:

• Have proof that your average income is equal or less than the median for your state.
• Be ready to list all the people that you owe and all the amount of money you owe them.
• Be ready to list all your assets, your income sources and expenditures.
• Demonstrate that you have either started debt counseling with a reputable institution or planning to get started with the process.

The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney & will assess your application and make sure that all this information is given in the right manner to avoid getting your petition rejected.

They help during the proceedings

Once the filing process has been done successfully, the court will review the situation and grant or reject the petition. If it is granted, an automatic stay is placed on your personal assets. Creditors also lose their rights to legally collect from the debtor, and a stay is placed on personal assets. When the proceedings start, the attorney will make sure that:

• You are present or represented at all hearings as your absence can lead to the court dismissing the petition.
• That you have joined debt counseling class and have a plan on debt repayment.

These are just a few of the reasons hiring a competent Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in San Jose CA like Shulman Law Office will be necessary.

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