Why You Should Hire a Child Support Attorney in Berwyn

When it comes to divorce, one of the most common areas of contention is usually how much child support each parent should give. There are different factors courts look at before determining this and it is often advisable to hire a Child Support Attorney Berwyn to walk you through this process. The most common original question asked by parents is how much they will have to pay in child support.

To determine this, the court has to consider how many children are involved, how much each parent is earning, deductions made to each parent’s income and the percentage of time each parent has with the kids. Usually this is done using a computer program that factors in all this and comes up with a figure which is what each parent will be mandated by law to pay the Child Support Attorney Berwyn.

Child Support Attorney Berwyn cases sometimes get ugly with some individuals refusing to give up information on how much they earn or lying about it. In other cases, parents give the wrong information unknowingly as they struggle to fill in the income and expenditure forms. This is why it is very important to hire a child support lawyer Berwyn to walk you through every disclosure procedure and double-check to see that indeed you comply with the law in filling the income and expenditure form so as to avoid potential monetary sanctions by the court for non-compliance.

Our Child Support Attorney Berwyn also helps you get a fair child support payout to the other parent by determining what the variations in child support are and helping you fight for more custody and less child support. If your spouse refuses to work and forces you to support the kids alone, our lawyers can file a petition forcing your spouse to find work or prove that they lack opportunity for work.

All this is aimed at ensuring everyone chips in to support the kids with no exploitation on either party. Our Child Support Attorney Berwyn are here to help you fight for more custody with the kids and ensure that your kids get the financial support they need from the other parent.

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