Why Your Business Needs A Monitored Fire Alarm In Louisville, KY

OSHA reports that more than $2.3 billion in damages to businesses and schools results from fires and explosions. Early detection and confirmation are integral to loss-prevention in cases of fires.

What Is Fire Monitoring?

Operators with our Central Station monitor businesses through sensors established at the facility sites. Fire protection system monitoring also comes with smoke and heat detectors, pull stations and sprinklers.

Our Central Station operators are trained to recognize and verifies if an event is real before dispatching the fire department.

Why Early Detection?

In 2006, there were 1.6 million reported fires, $11.3 billion in property loss and 3,245 lives lost. Early detection and response will significantly help limit loss to your business.

Sonitrol of Western KY is a UL-listed and FM-approved central monitoring company with staff connected directly to their monitoring database. Sonitrol of Western KY does not outsource its services. Visit https://www.sonitrolky.com/ for more information. For a dependable, early-response fire alarm in Louisville, KY, call 502-966-8999

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