Will your Pet Adjust to Dog Boarding Kennels?

Animals have got it made in the United States. A “dog’s life” is one that was meant to convey a life of scarcity, inadequate shelter and endurance of the elements; this could not be farther from the truth in modern America. Pets in this country are a privileged and spoilt lot. Americans spent $49 billion in 2010, taking care of our pets with various pet products and services. Next to consumer electronics, the fastest growing retail segment is pet care which is growing at approximately 6% per year. No wonder we spare no expense when it comes to the grooming, upkeep and boarding for animals. There has been a growth in the number of day care and dog boarding kennels to take care of animals when owners go to work or take a holiday.

Dog boarding kennels offer a safe place to leave your precious animal when you go to work or have to run errands. Animals are fed special diets, brushed and authorized individual play sittings during their owner’s absence. If you don’t like keeping your animal alone while you spend long hours at work, you can send your dog to doggie day care where your pet can be socialized and have space to play and frolic. Instead of employing a sitter, you can drop your pet off at the dog boarding kennels to be taken care of all day long. 63% of households in the US or 71 million homes have at least one pet. Market surveys conducted in 2007 indicate that $3 billion was spent on dog boarding kennels in the United States proving it to be a viable and growing industry.

Your dog would enjoy better health and care, if the dog boarding kennels are attached to a veterinary practice. You can get your animal dewormed occasionally or have it vaccinated or groomed under one roof or get immediate access to emergency veterinary care.
Dogs can get lonely and ill tempered if left unaccompanied for too long. If you have a demanding job that keeps you away from home for long stretches, get your dog admitted to day care. Your pet will enjoy the exercise and interaction with other dogs and humans. Just as you and I enjoy spending our day doing new things instead of being cooped up in a room, your pet detests loneliness and would prefer spending time at dog boarding kennels. Bowie pet owners can find well equipped facilities in the neighborhood for their pets.


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Dog Boarding Kennels

Dog Boarding Kennels

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