You Can Bond Out of a DUI

A lot of people are confused about the “new” laws in Tennessee regarding DUI charges and bail. Some are saying that if you are arrested on a DUI you can’t bail out any more so there is no need even calling a bail bondsman. Is that true? While there have been some changes to the laws, that’s not entirely true. Let’s clarify.

There were new laws regarding DUI that went into effect in Tennessee in January, 2011. One of the laws says that courts are not to release anyone who is charged with a DUI if they have prior DUI offenses until it is determined that there is not a public threat. So, if there are multiple DUI offenses, the law could be interpreted to mean that there cannot be any bail on the current charge. But if it is an initial DUI charge, there is no question that bail will be set and a bail bondsman should be contacted.

As to whether or not bail will be set in other cases, it remains to be seen the extent to which this new law will or can be enforced. At any rate, judges will be deciding whether or not those charged are a “danger to the community.” If it is decided that there is no danger, then it will still be possible for someone charged to make bail, even if they have prior offenses.

The bottom line is that state constitution says that unless someone is accused of a capital offense, then the right to bail is granted. So, someone charged with DUI should always try to have a judge set bail for them so that they can be released prior to their trial, especially since in Nashville and other areas of Tennessee it may be more than year before a trial occurs.

If you know someone in Nashville, Tennessee who needs help getting out of jail for a DUI charge, contact a bail bondsman as soon as possible. A good bail bondsman will work with you to get your friend or loved one released from jail on bond. Do not let anyone tell you that your friend will never be able to get out because of the new laws. Allow a bail bondsman to do the work of inquiring as to when bail will be set and then bonding your friend out. If it a first time offense, bail will be set almost immediately. If there have been prior offenses, it will be a bit more difficult, but it is still likely that bail will be set. However, you will want to contact a bail bondsman experienced with Nashville, Tennessee laws to make sure that your friend is released as soon as possible.

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