You Can Save a Lot of Time and Energy by Using Roll Off Containers in Putnam County NY

Roll off containers are ideal if you are beginning a construction or a remodeling project. All of the debris from your work can be put into one of the containers which can be dropped at the site and picked up when you are ready. Recyclable material can be put into the container as long as it is kept separate from trash. Or, you can get same day service for recyclable material. The material acceptable is:

  Cardboard should be bundled rather than loose
*   Newspapers bundled
  Plastics 1-7 up to 5 gallons in size
  Aluminum of all types, but cans are the best.

Roll off containers in Putnam County NY area can be your private trash and garbage collection service. One call will arrange a schedule to satisfy your requirements. The capability of the company to handle all of your trash and garbage needs is very good for the homeowner and the environment. If you have a construction site or remodel project, then call the company that will come out and pick it all up for you and haul it away. This saves you valuable time and energy. Roll Off Containers in Putnam County NY can do the demolition work by demolishing an old and useless building to make way for a newer project. They can haul away all of the material left from the demolition.

If you believe you have asbestos at a job site walk away from it and call the experts at Roll Off Containers to come out and review the site and test the suspect material. You want your job site to be protected and the asbestos to be handled according to the applicable regulations. Removing asbestos requires a highly trained staff who knows exactly how to handle this dangerous material. You want your property cleared of this dangerous contaminant without it affecting nearby properties or workers. The process for removing asbestos is specific an it is strictly regulated. It involves testing, inspection, Haz Mat removal, and the proper disposal. Asbestos should never be removed by an untrained and non-licensed company or individual.

The roll off containers can save a lot of time, and they are also convenient. They can be dropped just about anywhere you want them and since there are doors that open on the back, the workers can walk the material in. They do not have to lift it over the sides of the container.

For more information, contact  AAA Carting and Rubbish Removal, Inc.




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