3 Primary Doctor Facts

Within the medical field, there are many sub-categories. You probably do your best to see your doctor once a year for your yearly checkup. If he notices anything needs further review, he will refer you to a specialist. If he believes your eyes need a closer look, he can refer you to an optometrist. A Primary Care Doctor El Cajon knows a little bit about every medical area, but he focuses on general health.

Here are three primary doctor facts to keep in mind next time you see him.

What is Primary Care?

A doctor who practices primary care is trained to be the first contact for a patient, so they assess their patients to find out what their current health status look like. Then, they practice continuing care. Once the same doctor sees the same patient, he develops a relationship and starts to accumulate that person’s medical history. The goal is to keep a healthy patient healthy through education, maintenance and counseling. When signs of something serious appears, the patient is referred to the appropriate doctor.

What is a Primary Care Physician?

A doctor who specializes in primary care is a specialist, too. He specializes in family medicine, internal medicine or pediatrics. In pediatrics, he often makes first contact with a newborn, and then, continues to see that newborn through his toddler to teenage years. The goal is to keep the patient healthy through education, maintenance and counseling. Ideally, this is the only doctor a young patient would see because it means no serious illnesses appeared.

What is a Primary Care Practice?

A primary care practice is where a primary care physician practices. His equipment is complex enough to educate, counsel and treat patients.

A Primary Care Doctor El Cajon is a specialist in family, internal and pediatric medicine.

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