Reliable Office Services

Growth in your business may happen on a seasonal basis, leaving your permanent employees overworked and frustrated. We offer dependable back office services through contractors. You benefit by not having to check their references, do a background check or interview them. We do all of this for you and assure you that they are ready to provide the services that you need for smooth business operations.

We have contractors available for order fulfillment, entering orders, answering customer questions and taking inventory. We also have contractors who can help you with cleaning, data entry and other back office activities. Let us reduce the burden of overwork at your organization so that you can deliver excellent care to your customers.

Our contingent workforce services are ideal when a lot of your employees are on vacation or out sick. If you have an employee who is taking a leave of absence due to injury or illness for a month or two, one of our contingent workers can fill that gap in your organization. When your permanent employee is ready to return, the job will be ready. Your employee will not have to catch up on months worth of work when you hire our temporary employees.

We thoroughly check references so that you can have confidence about the workers. You let us know what you need, and we send the right workers for the job. The result is improved job efficiency.

When you are in need of reliable back office services, contact us at Innovative Employee Solutions any time. We can explain our range of services and help you decide which of them would be the most beneficial for your nonprofit organization or company. Give us a call today for more information or visit us online at for additional details about our business.

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