3 Reasons To Choose A Zero Clearance Wood Fireplace

When designing a new home or when remodeling an existing residence, there is always a steep learning curve for the homeowner. Terminology, decisions and choices seem to be overwhelming at times, even with something as basic as the fireplace. Many contractors recommend a zero clearance wood fireplace, and this is with good reason.

The Types

There are really two different types of traditional fireplaces, regardless of the fuel source. They will include masonry built fireplaces or zero clearance wood fireplace models.

A masonry built fireplace is typically made of brick or stone and may be small or large. The entire fireplace, including the firebox, made of the same material. If you look inside the fireplace you will see the same or similar stone or brick as on the outside. You may see metal, typically cast iron, on the frame, but the predominant material is brick, stone or other non-combustible materials. These types of fireplaces may or may not have glass doors with older models typically having metal screens to prevent sparks from flying out of the fire and into the room.

The other option is a zero clearance wood fireplace. In this type of construction the fireboxes, the place where the fire is built, are designed to prevent heat transfer to the surrounding construction materials. This means masonry is not required for safety and wood framing, sheetrock, paneling and other potentially combustible materials can touch the firebox without risk of fire.


There are many different features to different zero clearance wood fireplace options. With their safe construction they are a low-cost addition to any home or room since they don’t require additional masonry work. They can also be vented through an exterior chimney, also known as a chase, which doesn’t require masonry and extra precautions for safety reasons.

With different styles of zero clearance wood fireplace models from contemporary to very classic they make a great addition to any room of the home. They are a popular addition to a master bedroom for a soft, gentle heat and gentle light source. They are also a great addition to a family room, games room, home theater or a living room.

A zero clearance wood fireplace is also an important consideration for those wanting to cut their heating costs. They can be fueled with firewood, pellets, natural gas or propane, making a great addition for any home.

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