3 Signs You Should Call Your Tulsa Roofing Contractor Right Away

Even though you don’t have professional roofing experience, you should take the time to examine your home’s roof from time to time. A visual inspection of your roof as you walk around the perimeter of your home can tell you what you need to know. Additionally, inspecting your attic can help you catch problems early. When you see problems, call your residential roofer in Tulsa, OK for immediate repairs.

Look for Sagging

If you haven’t been keeping up with roof inspections, there could be damage to your underlying roofing materials. This usually happens when a leak goes undetected. As the wood beams and planks absorb moisture, they will soften and rot. The weight of your roof will cause the rotted wood to bend and bow, leading to a sagging roof. Immediate repairs will help you avoid extensive damage to your home.

Watch for Shingle Damage

As you walk around the outside of your home, look for missing shingles on the visible parts of your roof. You should also look at the ground surrounding your home. If you see pieces of shingles or granules on the ground, you may need roof repairs. Shingle damage in multiple areas could indicate that it’s time to consider a roof replacement.

Look for Moisture and Sunlight

While you should schedule annual inspections with a residential roofer in Tulsa, OK, keep an eye on your roof between those inspections. Look at the underside of your roof by inspecting your attic walls. Look for moist or water-stained wood beams. You can also identify leaks by feeling your insulation for dampness. Even if you don’t observe moisture, sunlight shining through gaps in your attic walls indicates a leak.

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