4 Signs You Were Wrongfully Fired from Your Job

In an ideal world, nobody would need to worry about being fired illegally. If you think this happened to you, here are a few signs to look for.

Does it violate a contract?

Your hiring and firing must comply with the terms of the contract you signed before you took on the job, the Reader’s Digest says. If you’ve been fired by your employer for “no reason,” then you may not have enough grounds for a wrongful termination case. However, if the contract says you cannot be fired without good cause, then you may have a chance. Find out whether to go through with a lawsuit or not when you talk to a wrongful termination attorney.

Did you have a protected reason?

If you’ve been fired from your job because you missed work, then your employer may have been well within his/her rights to terminate you. However, if your absence at work was due to a protected reason—like voting, being on jury duty or serving in the military—that means your employer can’t fire you. Different stats, though, may vary on what qualifies for a protected reason. That’s why it’s important for you to hire the services of an experienced wrongful termination attorney.

Were you being defamed?

If false rumors were spread about you at your last job, then that could be enough grounds for wrongful termination. However, for defamation to be proven in court, a third party must be present to attest hearing those statements. That’s something your legal counsel can help you with.

Were you fired because of a discriminatory reason?

It’s illegal to be fired on discriminatory grounds. If that’s what happened to you, then hiring a reputable lawyer can give you the advantage you need to fight for your rights and stand up for yourself in court.

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