An Introduction to Four Essential Air Compressor Accessories in PA

Air compressors constitute a serious investment for most buyers, so why not make the most of them? Readers who have recently purchased their first air compressors or are considering doing so shortly may want to look into what kinds of Air compressor accessories PA businesses and individuals need to take full advantage of their new equipment. Read on to get started.

Pressure Regulators

Pressure regulators should be considered an essential piece of equipment for just about any air compressor. They are used to control the rate of air coming out of the compressor, allowing users to minimize both energy costs and unnecessary wear and tear. These essential accessories can be attached directly to compressors’ outgoing air hoses, too, so they’re easy to use.

Air Dryers

Compressed air has a remarkably high humidity level, which can wind up damaging equipment and causing premature failures. There are several different types of air dryers available to combat this unfortunate problem, desiccant dryers leading the pack as far as popularity goes. These utilize a water-absorbing substance to reduce the humidity of compressed air before it is used, reducing the likelihood of premature equipment failure.

Air Hoses

Most air compressors come with air hoses. However, many of these factory hoses are not able to keep up with rigorous use, especially in commercial or industrial settings and they tend to become brittle over time, which means they’ll have to be replaced eventually. High-quality air hoses are some of the most Air compressor accessories in PA residents can buy.

In-Line Filters

In-line filters are designed to remove water, dirt, and oil, which means that they can be used instead of desiccant air dryers in many applications. Installing a filter will improve the quality of air moving through the hoses, allowing the compressor to work more efficiently and extending the life of any tools and equipment it is powering.

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