4 Things When You Talk to a Commercial Asphalt Repair Service

Pavement distresses occur over time. Traffic and age wear down your asphalt pavement. Got cracks? Fix them before they turn into craters. Check out these handy tips when you start looking for companies that offer commercial asphalt repair in Rochester MN.

Time it right

If you’re sealing up cracks, be sure to get it done during spring or fall. That’s going to improve the performance of the sealant, especially since cracks during those two seasons are still in the middle of their opening range. If you seal them up in the summer, when they’re at their minimum width, they’re going to end up underfilled come winter. Keep that in mind when you book the services of a firm for commercial asphalt repair in Rochester MN.

Pick the right materials

The right crew won’t encourage you to skimp on your materials. Crack sealing materials for your asphalt must demonstrate excellent adhesion or bonding. Are they elastic but have great resistance to softening? Be sure to check for these qualities. If they’re easy to apply but cracks much too easily, can’t withstand aging or wears down prematurely when exposed to bad weather conditions, your crew may not be using the right materials. Consider hiring a different team.

Look for maintenance services

Sealer is typically reapplied every two to three years, For Construction Pros says. You can save on time and effort when you pick the same crew to handle the work. Ask if the firm offers a contract for maintenance services. Signing that contract can help keep your asphalt in tip-top shape for years.

Do it now

Don’t wait until the road is in terrible shape before you do something. Talk to pros and schedule the work as soon as you can. That’s going to prevent pavement distresses from turning much, much worse.

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