What to Expect After a Tooth Implant Operation

As your tooth implant operation quickly approaches, you may have a lot of questions about the surgery and its aftermath. Here is a brief overview of what to expect following your surgery:

Within the First Hour

After you start to recover from your implant implantation, you should focus on taking it easy. Allow the surgery site to heal properly, to ensure successful implant integration.

First-Day Symptoms to Consider

You are likely to expect some swelling and discomfort. Therefore, we suggest applying an ice pack over your chin, face, lips or side of your jaw immediately after the surgery; and then for 20 minutes of each hour for the rest of the day. If necessary, you can take over the counter pain medication to ease the discomfort. However, if those symptoms are unbearable or last for more than couple of days, consult your dentist.

How to Have a Successful Recovery

When trying to recover from your tooth implant operation, make sure that you avoid disturbing the affected areas. Don’t brush or floss the surgery area for 2 weeks following the surgery. You can floss and brush other areas of your mouth. Eat soft foods for at least a weeks following the surgery.

Your dentist may prescribe you antibiotics or mouthwash – make sure that you follow the instructions.

In general, strictly follow all the instructions given to you by your dentist, and don’t try to speed up the recovery time. If you have any concerns, please contact your dental office immediately.

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