4 Ways to Keep Your Deck Heat-Free

Keeping your patios cool can be easy. Just follow these tips to help you get started:

Use sun shades

All day exposure to heat is going to keep that space muggy and hot. So use sun shades for patios, instead. With these shades, you can effectively keep the heat off your favorite reading nook on your deck.

Decide on which type

There are retractable options you can choose from, allowing you to take in some sun or keep cool in the shade. These are a great way to keep heat and sunlight off but still easy enough to get out of the way if you want to watch the sky at night and count the stars. For non-retractable canopies, while these might not be as flexible, they’re still a handy way to protect your deck space from heat. You can essentially leave it there or have it removed seasonally, whichever suits you best.

Put plants around

You can use plants to keep your patio cool. They help keep the heat off, giving you much needed shade. Just remember to trim them regularly. If you don’t, they might grow too unwieldly and make it seem like a jungle has taken over your deck.

Use cotton fabrics

Swap your flannel and fleece for cotton fabrics, the Huffington Post suggests. These let air breathe easier so the heat isn’t contained or kept in your pillows and blankets. That’s one way to keep your deck space cooler. You won’t have to escape the heat by cranking up your AC too high and too often. Set up your hammock with a cotton pillow or blanket for an ideal spot for some siesta snooze.

So pick which tips suit you and your deck space. With so many ways to keep cool, eliminating the heat and muggy feel from your deck is easy.

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