6 Kitchen Inclusions to Consider When Building Custom Homes in Kansas City MO

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Families and guests spend a great deal of time there, socializing, eating, and cooking and the kitchen’s design greatly affects the quality of the time spent there. The poor function may lead to inefficiency and frustration, but today’s kitchens are innovative in many ways. Below are a few kitchen design factors to consider when building custom homes in Kansas City MO.

Additional Refrigeration

Though the main refrigerator is important, buyers should think about point-of-use refrigeration as well. Most people think of beverage coolers, which is a good place to begin, but another mini-fridge near the food prep area may help as well.

More Storage

Think about more than extra cabinets and deeper drawers; build in storage spaces for food, small appliances, and more. When everything has a real place, it’s much easier to keep things organized.

Hidden Appliances

Refrigerators, induction stoves, microwave drawers, and cabinet-style refrigerators create cohesive, sleek looks, especially if the home is built with an open floor plan. Consider hiding a walk-in pantry behind some cabinet doors to maintain the look while taking advantage of the storage it provides.

More Tech

Connected appliances make multi-tasking a breeze. An automatic faucet simplifies the process of washing dishes and produce, and it will likely save water as well. Don’t forget about energy-efficient dishwashers, refrigerators, ranges, and more.

A Multipurpose Sink

Everyone wants a big sink, but when building custom homes in Kansas City MO, there are other options to consider. Custom cutting boards and drain grates are easily removed, but they turn the sink into an additional work area. A double-faucet sink makes it easier to prepare food and clean up after the meal has been enjoyed.

Hardwood Flooring

It might seem unusual to install hardwood in the kitchen, but it creates a seamless look in open-concept houses. Woods such as maple and oak last longer, despite the amount of traffic that goes through the room. Wood-patterned tile is great for those concerned about upkeep; it’s easy to care for, and it’s so realistic that it’s easy to mistake it for real wood.

No matter a buyer’s vision for their custom home’s kitchen, a custom builder can help them achieve it. Get more information online or call today to request a consultation.

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