Get Where You Need to Be in Comfort

If you want the ultimate in comfort as you travel around, while still getting exercise you need, investigate trikes for sale in Cape Coral. Incredibly stable, fast and comfortable are just some of the qualities of a trike. It’s better on the environment and better for your health all while getting around on a lounge chair on wheels.

Some Features of a Trike

Trikes in Cape Coral come in a wide array of colors so it is easy to find the one that you feel fits you the best. They have a padded seat and an ergonomic back that can be adjusted from 44 to 51 degrees. This offers the rider a way to find the perfect sitting position to them so they can lean back and enjoy the ride. An incredibly good braking system is also installed for the ultimate in rider safety.

Easy to Transport

Sometimes you may have to transport your trike via a traditional vehicle like a bus or your own personal vehicle. Perhaps you are going to the cottage for the weekend or leaving town and would like to take it with you. In order to make this possible the trike is collapsible so it can either be easily stored or put into a trunk for transport.

Quality Trikes from a Quality Company

Fort Myers Schwinn Cyclery opened its doors to the public in January of 1996. Since then they have been providing only the very best and highest quality bikes and bike accessories. Their attention to detail and assembly ensure that their customers have an incredibly safe bike that they can rely on. Contact them today and they can go over with you the different models that are available or you can visit their website and see each one for yourself.

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