A Quick Look At How Daniel 8 Is Explained

As with most things in the Bible, you have to read more than a specific verse or chapter to get the full idea of what is trying to be conveyed. If you are asking about specifics and want Daniel 8 explained, there are no easy answers. There are of course eye opening research about the life and times of the Bible that will make this entire book open up to any believer or historical researcher. The easiest and quickest way to make sense of the book of Daniel, specifically chapter eight, you must include chapters seven through 12 as well.

One of the most interesting parts of Daniel 8 explained is that the first seven chapters are written by Daniel are in Aramaic. In other words, Daniel wanted to write the book in a language that the people he was living among would understand. In his captivity, Daniel was living among the Babylonians. What happens in chapter eight however, is that this author then switches the language over to Hebrew where the Gentiles living in the land would be able to read the book.

With little bit of information alone, Daniel is significant not just in what it says, but in how he says it. Daniel wrote the first seven chapters of the book to talk to those who he was living among but the rest of the book was designed for the Gentiles and how their history will come to pass. He is speaking specifically about Israel now and not to Babylon.

So what is Daniel trying to say to his fellow Israelites while they are living amongst the Babylonians? Without getting into great detail, of which this book and chapter have many great deep truths in it, in a nutshell this chapter is speaking about false prophets. This should be of no surprise to any biblical or history student as the Bible is full of warnings about such things.

Throughout the Bible the horn is also signifies great power, specifically when it comes to the book of Daniel. In Daniel 8 we have a vision of three different horns with each one gaining in power and strength and the last horn having ultimate authority. With that being said, the underlining message to the Gentiles or Israelites is that God will not fail and will bring them out from under this authority with the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

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