Healing and Health Are the Very Essence of Readings in Sedona, AZ

Aspirants seeking renewal and balance gravitate to an aura reading in Phoenix, AZ. There you can recover and expand your focus at the mecca for spiritual arousal, encouragement, and empowerment.

Psychic Readings and Spiritual Healing

This is a unique healing center that offers classes and courses to elevate you beyond your current restrictions. Discover capabilities and awaken greater capacity within yourself through such psychic readings and healing as:

  • Tarot readings
  • Psychic readings
  • Couples and family readings
  • Past life regression
  • Emotion mapping therapy
  • And so much more

Heal old wounds. Discover new horizons. Find balance with intuitive readings, spiritual healing, and counseling to set yourself on the path of fulfilling your potential in your life.

Aura Reading in Phoenix, AZ

What is your aura? Quite simply, your aura is your spiritual energy field. All living things have auras. Auras have different colors providing insights into what is going on within you. The colors, their hue, depth, and combinations can be interpreted and analyzed. The colors of an aura are:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple

With an aura photo and analysis, you will discover what these colors indicate for you, how you are using your energy, your stress levels, and even what your personal gifts and talents are.

To find out more about what the individual colors of an aura indicate, click on the link below.

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For more information about Sedona Healing Arts visit them online or call (928) 282-3875.

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