How Recreational Painting Can Be Good for You

While painting for fun can be quite an interesting hobby, studies have shown that it is also beneficial for you healthwise as well. Here are a few of the ways that you can pick up an acrylic paint set with brushes and start down the road of leading a healthier and happier life.

Concentration Skills

Improving the ability to focus on things is one of the first and foremost benefits of painting recreationally. Your focus skills sharpen by having to concentrate on either the picture you are painting or by adding to the details of the basic picture you have already painted. This also increases memory skills as evidenced by a recent study amongst medical students who exhibited greater recall after less than 10 recreational painting sessions.

Fine Motor Skills

Purchasing an acrylic paint set with brushes is a great way to sharpen your fine motor skills. By painting with broad strokes for the backgrounds or with minute strokes for all of the details in the forefront, your hand-eye coordination will definitely be better for it.


Painting has been clinically shown to be quite therapeutic for the entire body. By focusing on what is directly in front of you and nothing else, your heartbeat slows, your breathing remains calm, and your body enters into a state of relaxation. This is an easy and natural way to relieve the body of pain and stress.

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