A Reliable Fire Alarm System for Any Louisville, KY, Home or Business

Fire protection services are far more advanced than the traditional smoke detectors and sprinkler systems. Although this fire protection company does provide sensors that detect smoke and advanced sprinkler systems, they also offer an abundance of features that enhance the overall protection of your property. With the help of a 24-hour staff of technicians, this fire alarm in Louisville, KY, will alert the authorities more quickly than standard fire protection systems.

More Reliable Verification

Most fire alarm systems only use smoke detection to verify whether a structure is on fire. This security company uses smoke detection sensors in addition to heat sensors that detect significant spikes in temperature. With the help of advanced audio verification and security camera systems, the 24-hour team watching over your system can identify a fire on your property more quickly. Moreover, they can tell whether the sensors caught a legitimate fire so that they can reset your system without bothering you.

Always A Watchful Eye

Many security companies will sell a customer’s contract once they’ve closed the deal. This security team not only holds onto your business, but they keep your safety a priority by working exclusively with their own customers. Because there is no middleman or third-party handling your fire alarm in Louisville, KY, you can rest assured that someone is always looking out for the safety of your home.

Contact Sonitrol at www.sonitrolky.com to learn more about their fire protection and security services in your area.

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